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Are You Media Savvy?

brenda ellison302Are you or your candidates ready and able to handle the media and give journalists what they need?

The Catelyns House Media Savvy service, provided through our specialist media consultant, Brenda Ellison, will be of particular interest if you are involved in recruitment and selection and helps identify development needs

The ability to handle the media and give journalists the story, a soundbite or the real "angle" they need is of immense importance in senior appointments.

Discovering the attitude of candidates to the media, testing their media skills and determining if they need further training is cost-effective and can save acute embarrassment in the future.

We have devised and developed a method of engaging with each candidate, through the medium of a carefully prepared radio or TV interview, to determine the current level of skills and essential qualities.

We are able to quantify and score performance and produce thorough and detailed feedback on each candidate.

Brenda Ellison has worked extensively on media skills assessment with the Civil Service Commissioners, The Crown Prosecution Service, DfID, the NHS and other government departments, and with well-respected recruitment specialists.

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