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Meet the Catelyns House Team

Eleanor Goodison, Principal

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Eleanor is an independent consultant, trainer and coach.

She was a civil servant for 30 years, up to 2009. Her Civil Service experience includes eight years as a Deputy Director at the National School of Government, where she led on professional development and qualifications training for Civil Service lawyers, accountants and procurement and project management professionals as well as policy makers and managers.

She previously held posts as Secretary to the Civil Service Commissioners, Director of Finance and Administration at the Recruitment and Assessment Services Agency, Private Secretary to the Minister for the Arts and the Civil Service and in the European Secretariat of the Cabinet Office.

Eleanor has contributed on Select Committees to the journal Civil Service World.  

She is an Associate of Civil Service Learning and Westminster Explained and holds an ITOL Diploma in Coaching Excellence

Eleanor's Specialties

  • Parliament, especially Parliamentary scrutiny
  • Workings of government
  • Coaching for managers and job changers
  • Helping witnesses prepare for appearances before Parliamentary Select Committees
  • Recent clients include senior judges, senior civil servants (through Civil Service Learning), regulators and members of other public bodies.


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Recent Projects

  • Contributing to the Public Sector Reform Programme in the Turks and Caicos Islands, including putting in place new Standing Orders for the TCI House of Assembly to provide for a new Committee structure and recruiting a team of Clerks 
  • Working with newly-elected members of scrutiny panels in the States of Jersey on strategy and planning for their work 
  • Participation in an EU-sponsored project on capacity building in public administration in Libya

Catelyns House Associates

Catelyns House works with selected Associate Consultants to ensure that all your needs are met
Our Associates include media specialists, programme and project managers and policy experts

Rob Wright

rob wright302rndRob specialises in providing tailored support to public sector bodies on policy and project management. He has undertaken projects in a wide range of public sector bodies, including the Ministry of Defence, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Health and Safety Executive.

He is an accredited Office of Government Commerce High Risk Review project leader and has undertaken a range of Gateway Reviews. He is also a member of the Cabinet Office's Security Vetting Appeals Panel, a member of the Civil Nuclear Police Authority, Chair of its Audit Committee, a member of the Cabinet Office's Security Vetting Appeals Panel and he has an up to date DV clearance.

Simon Mann

simon mann302rndSimon is a freelance broadcaster, journalist and media consultant who has worked for BBC Sport since 1990 as a commentator, reporter and presenter on radio and TV.

He has also written for The Guardian, The Independent, The Observer and BBC Online and is a regular presenter for IMG, the world's largest independent sports production company.

Simon now combines his broadcasting work with training. He has extensive experience of working for the National School of Government, preparing clients for appearances on radio and TV and before Parliamentary Select Committees and delivering clear writing' training (for Westminster Explained and The Law Society).

Huw Edwards

huw edwards302rndHuw is a former MP for Monmouth, Huw is an independent trainer who specialises in the understanding of Parliament, legislation, government, devolution and public policy. He contributes to high quality training courses for staff in central government, public bodies, private companies and the Third Sector.

He was an Associate Lecturer of the National School of Government and works through the leading training providers in the field: Understanding ModernGov, Westminster Explained, Government Exchange, Positif Politics and Eliesha.

Huw brings his wealth of cross-sector experience to his work as a political trainer, employing a range of training methods – informative presentations, handouts, workshops, role-play, group-work, lectures, seminars and individual coaching.

Brenda Ellison

brenda ellison302Brenda, our specialist media consultant,  has worked extensively on media skills assessment with the Civil Service Commissioners, The Crown Prosecution Service, DfID, the NHS and other government departments, and with well-respected recruitment specialists.

The ability to handle the media and give journalists the story, a soundbite or the real "angle" they need is of immense importance in senior appointments.

Brenda can train you in all areas of Media Relations, so that you are ready and prepared for just about anything.

Read more about our Media Savvy specialty service, run by Brenda

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