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Select Committees

Select Committees are an important part of our democratic system of government. If you are going to give evidence to a Committee it should be considered and well prepared. Follow these tips to maximise your opportunity to get your message across.

rockpapersciss 500x375rndWritten evidence

When they announce an inquiry, Select Committees will normally also put out a call for written evidence. This is your chance to signal your interest, get your points on the record and, perhaps, pave the way for an appearance at a Committee hearing. Make sure your evidence:

  • Follows the guidance laid down in terms of format, length, etc
  • Is concise, clear and relevan
  • Gives the Committee an understanding of the recommendations that you would like to see implemented
  • Backs up your arguments with facts

testifying 500x375rndOral Evidence

If you are called to appear before the Committee, be sure to:

  • Be clear what messages you want to get across
  • Prepare fully so you know your stuff
  • Have your facts and figures to handRehearse what you are going to say in advance – it helps to do this with a 'critical friend'

When your points appear in the Committee's report – you'll know you have succeeded!

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